Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


A world in which there are sustainable markets for agricultural goods and services so that no one is without food or proper nutrition.


To enhance food security and food safety, increase smallholder incomes and promote better health and nutrition in developing countries by stimulating private sector agricultural innovation.


Overcome Market Failures Impeding the Development of Sustainable Markets

Publicly funded research and extension services play an important role in development but can neither meet the investment gap nor address all the market failures impeding the establishment of markets for innovation in developing countries. By providing economic incentives to promote the uptake of innovative technologies with high yield development impacts, AgResults will facilitate the establishment of sustainable commercial markets for such technologies.

Harness the Creativity and Resources of the Private Sector

Investment from the private sector has the potential to rapidly accelerate the pace of agricultural innovation in developing countries. By providing prizes as economic incentives, AgResults creates attractive opportunities for the private sector to identify and execute the most effective and efficient strategies to achieve development outcomes.

Test the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Pull Mechanisms for Development

Although pull mechanisms are particularly well suited to overcoming market failures, few development initiatives have tested the effectiveness and the efficiency of pull financing with traditional push financing. AgResults will help evaluate the extent to which the private sector can be engaged to provide innovative solutions to smallholder needs.

Build Global Partnerships to Achieve Breakthrough Innovations

From the Steering Committee to local Pilot Staff, AgResults is a global initiative designed to bridge the gaps between the public and private sectors in agricultural innovation. By engaging with organizations ranging from small, local NGOs to major multinational firms, AgResults brings together stakeholders from around the world in a global effort to incent agricultural innovation as a means to achieve development outcomes.

The AgResults initiative is a partnership between: