Proposed Pilots / Design Phase

Pilot Projects
Proposed Pilots / Design Phase


AgResults supports pilot projects that address some of the biggest challenges in global food security and agricultural development. Selection of pilot projects begins with identification of a problem and ends with an implementable business plan. Approved business plans are then launched in the field for implementation by AgResults subcontractors. Each AgResults pilot addresses a different market imperfection and tests a unique pull mechanism design. The current portfolio of AgResults pilots focus on Aflatoxin reduction, improved on-farm storage, and biofortified maize for smallholder farmers. Additional pilots in the areas of livestock vaccines, seeds and fertilizer innovation are currently undergoing the pilot design process.

Pilot Identification

AgResults conducted a broad, rigorous research and analysis process to develop pilot sketches and advance our understanding of pull mechanisms

Pilot Design

To build the current portfolio of AgResults pilots, the Steering Committee worked with the Secretariat to develop and filter ideas through consultations with a diverse group of stakeholders including academia, governments, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and civil society organizations. The pilot design process pulls from the identified pilot sketches and further explores the problem to create pilot business plans.

By October 2011, the Steering Committee had developed 38 pull mechanism concepts in collaboration with dozens of experts across the four thematic groups. The Steering Committee then down selected 3 of the original 38 concepts to be converted into full-scale business plans. Through extensive in-country consultation and research, the Steering Committee oversaw the development of complete business plans containing market analysis, research, and stakeholder reports. From the beginning, the Steering Committee consulted impact evaluation experts so that external monitoring and evaluation could be built into the design of each pilot.

The AgResults initiative is a partnership between: