Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

AgResults Implementation Lessons Learned

The AgResults Secretariat is releasing a monthly series based on AgResults lessons learned to-date on designing, implementing, and evaluating the impact of pull mechanism projects in developing countries. The series will highlight in which circumstances pull mechanisms may be more effective than push mechanisms, and unpack insights on key themes within each phase of a pull project. 

Implementation Lessons Learned Topic Areas

  • Pull Mechanism & AgResults Overview: Definition of pull mechanisms, project phases, and the role of ecosystem actors engaged
  • Key Implementation Success Factors: Key factors that are essential for pull projects' success and sustainability
  • Design Phase Mini-Series: Deep dive on themes such as problem definition, market analysis, iterative design, and stakeholder buy-in
  • Launch Phase: Design adjustment considerations, overcoming initial market inertia, etc.
  • Scale Phase: Ability to adapt the Pilot, course corrections, changes in group of Solvers, etc.
  • Close-Out Phase: Planning for sustainability, key considerations before project close-out

Evaluation Lessons Learned 

The External Evaluator for AgResults will provide lessons learned from an evaluator’s perspective. While the Agresults Secretariat focuses on the lessons learned from its experience designing and implementing the pull mechanisms, the External Evaluator will take a broader development perspective. One goal among seven for the evaluation is to draw on findings in the other six domains to provide lessons learned regarding the design and implementation of pull mechanisms. These insights will come from the evaluation’s assessment of the impact of the several pilot pull mechanisms on the agricultural market and on poor households using rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis methods.  The Evaluator will draw insights in several areas:  the conditions under which it is suitable to use a pull mechanism as a development tool, optimal pull mechanism design, achieving a development impact, achieving a market impact, the cost-effectiveness of pull mechanisms, sustainability of impacts post-pilot, and evaluation implementation. The first article in this series will be released in the coming months.

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