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GALVmedAcross the developing world, smallholder farmers rely heavily on livestock as a source of vital income and are an essential source of food for these households. Often, however, herds are threatened by a highly infectious disease known as Brucellosis that causes abortions, infertility, and decreased milk production; impacting a smallholder farmer’s potential to earn, support their family, and work to get out of poverty. The disease also threatens farmers’ health because it is zoonotic meaning it can cross the species barrier. While vaccines exist, they require complex management techniques that are not appropriate for developing country environments, and the disease remains endemic across much of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The Brucellosis Vaccine Development Pilot is a US $30 million pull mechanism that aims to incentivize animal health companies to develop a vaccine against Brucella melitensis, a strain of Brucellosis that particularly affects small ruminants (goats, sheep, etc.) and is prevalent throughout developing countries. Eligible companies can receive three milestone payments at different stages that could add up to a total of US $26 million for one entrant. The contest will span up to ten years and will be managed by the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed). Photo Credit: GALVmed

All prizes and requirements regarding the competition are subject to the official competition rules. For more information on how to apply and the competition rules please visit:





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Brucellosis Vaccine Development Pilot Fact Sheet

Download the Brucellosis Vaccine Pilot Fact Sheet here. 

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