Evaluation Lessons Learned

Evaluation Lessons Learned

The external evaluator is generating lessons learned based on their rigorous evaluations of the pull mechanism. This lessons learned series will have a broader perspective on focus on the overarching questions around the efficacy of pull mechanism as a development tool, whether they achieve their objectives and the conditions under which they are effective. The evaluators will generate lessons learned briefs around the following topics:

  • Suitability of a pull mechanism approach, focusing on the key conditions under which pull mechanisms can be an effective development tool.
  • Pull mechanism design and the primary elements to consider, such as the type of prize, choice of targeted solvers, and verification protocols.
  • Market impact and how to maximize it for pilots that aim to create a market for agricultural technologies.
  • Development impact, and how to maximize the expected impact on smallholder outcomes, and the interactions with market impact, including potential trade-offs.
  • Cost-effectiveness of pull mechanism design in achieving development or market impact.
  • Sustainability, focusing on the private sector’s engagement in technology provision beyond the pilot.
  • Evaluating pull mechanisms, focusing on methodological challenges and recommended approaches in conducting impact evaluations of pull mechanism pilots

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