Our Team

Our Team

The implementation of AgResults is overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of the five donor agencies and the financial trustee. The Steering Committee is responsible for strategic oversight of the initiative, including endorsement of key management decisions, approval of concepts and business plans for proposed pilots, and the monitoring of pilots and the initiative as a whole. The Steering Committee includes representatives from:


Funds from donor countries will be managed by the World Bank in its role as trustee of the initiative. As it is a pay-on-results initiative, the funds will be paid to recipients only when results are achieved, a threshold is met and verified by an independent third party. For instance, if the established AgResults target is to reward the amount of on farm storage capacity that would decrease post-harvest losses by smallholder farmers, then AgResults would commit to paying a predetermined amount per volume of effective on-farm storage technology that is adopted by farmers. Again, if the pre-defined results are not achieved, or there is not sufficient uptake by farmers, no payments will be made.

The implementation of AgResults is managed by a dedicated Secretariat, responsible for pilot implementation, oversight & monitoring, sourcing new R&D and adoption pilots, conducting peer review of new pilots, as well as outreach and communications.

Each pilot project runs with a competitively selected Pilot Manager (PM), Implementing Organizations, and Verifiers. In some cases, additional technical support is required. Independent evaluators from Abt Associates are responsible to measure AgResults impacts and compare them to traditional, “push mechanism” development approaches.

The AgResults initiative is a partnership between: