Request for Proposals for Market Penetration Survey Services for AgResults Kenya On-Farm Storage Pilot 

AgResults invites organizations to submit proposals to provide market penetration survey services for the AgResults Kenya On-Farm Storage Pilot. The selected firm will be hired to conduct two surveys specifically: 1) Randomized rural household survey, and 2) a mid-point share survey. 

For the request for proposals, and information on how to apply, please download this document. All applications, including a completed and signed Anticorruption Compliance Certification, are due no later than 17:00 US EST on May 22, 2017 and should be submitted to

The Kenya On-Farm Storage Pilot is a results-driven pull mechanism designed to incentivize private sector companies to develop, improve on, and sell on-farm storage devices to smallholder farmers in the Rift Valley and Eastern Region. The project offers performance-based grants to qualifying companies that successfully sell a specified quantity of low-cost storage devices to smallholders within the three-year pilot sales period. For the purposes of the pilot, a smallholder farmer is defined as a person who cultivates a plot of land less than five hectares or 12.5 acres.  

The AgResults initiative is a partnership between: