Notes from the Evaluator: Evaluation Update for AgResults Brucellosis Vaccine Pilot

March 08, 2018
Phase 1 of the Brucellosis Vaccine Pilot (the Application Phase) recently ended and the Secretariat and Pilot Manager announced the initial Milestone

Prizes in Nigeria Pilot Exceed Projections

March 01, 2018
As of February, AgResults made its final prize payment for Year 3 of the Nigeria Aflasafe Pilot. We awarded a total of US $674,355 in prizes for 39,21

Results Based Incentive Structures for Agricultural Development

February 13, 2018
Results-based incentive structures can offer donors an opportunity to enter into higher-risk markets that, if successful, could lead to significant de

Brucellosis Competition Payments $1,000,000 As New Winners Are Announced

January 22, 2018
Judges have praised the quality of entries to the global Brucellosis Vaccine Prize competition, and awarded two final Phase 1 payments – taking

Notes from the Evaluator: Initial Findings from AgResults Nigeria Pilot

December 11, 2017
In Nigeria, Abt has used a quasi-experimental design to evaluate the impact of the AgResults pull mechanism on farmer adoption of a biocontrol called

AgVerify Applies for Additional Funds to Ensure Sustainability of Seed Verification in Uganda

December 11, 2017
AgVerify, AgResults’ seed quality verification partner in Uganda, applied for a Global Development Alliance (GDA), one of USAID’s models t

Kenyan Elections and Unrest Hinder Sales but Does Not Impede the AgResults Pilot

December 07, 2017
The Kenyan Presidential Election held on August 8 and the subsequent re-run on October 26 were closely watched due to the country’s history of p

AgResults Vietnam GHG Emissions Reduction Pilot Hosts First Interim Prize Award Ceremony

December 06, 2017
AgResults is excited to announce the first prize winners in the Vietnam Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Pilot. The Pilot incentivizes private sect

Payments Totaling US $500,000 Awarded in Global Brucellosis Vaccine Prize Competion

September 28, 2017
Additional prizes have been awarded in a global US $30 million competition aimed at incentivising the development of a vaccine that is efficacious, sa
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