A $30 million prize, a vaccine, and saving the livelihood of smallholder farmers

October 11, 2016
Because of the devastating effects of Brucellosis and the potential impact a vaccine could have on poverty reduction, food security and nutrition, AgR

External Evaluation: Can we evaluate tech development for smallholders?

October 11, 2016
AgResults’ Brucellosis Vaccine Pilot is the only AgResults pilot that focuses solely on technology development; the other five offer prizes for

AgResults Launches US $30 Million Prize to Develop Vaccine Against Brucellosis

June 16, 2016
AgResults – a collaborative initiative between the governments of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America as well

Ugandan Media Coverage for March Steering Committee Meeting

April 06, 2016
The Uganda Pilot Manager team, in collaboration with the Secretariat, coordinated publicity for the AgResults Steering Committee Meeting in Uganda.

Bell Industries Joins as the Third Official Implementer of the Kenya On-Farm Storage Solutions Pilot

August 05, 2015
Bell Industries Limited is the third company to officially join the Kenya On-Farm Storage Solutions Pilot.

Announcing the Entry of Two Companies into the Kenya Pilot

July 01, 2015
The AgResults Initiative is pleased to announce the entry of two companies as Implementers into the AgResults Kenya On-Farm Storage Pilot: A to Z Text

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) Awarded Pilot Manager role for the AgResults Uganda Legume Seeds Pilot

June 25, 2015
Lutheran World Relief (LWR) has been awarded the role of Pilot Manager for the AgResults Uganda Legume Seeds Pilot.

AgResults AflasafeTM Lab to Create More Wealth for Nigerian Farmers

June 23, 2015
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Governments of the USA, UK, Canada and Australia have funded through the AgResults initiative, the bu

AgResults Launches Quarterly Newsletter

June 04, 2015
AgResults Quarterly Newsletter aims to provide you with updates, results and lessons learned regarding AgResults and its various pilots. Check out our

AgResults Nigeria Aflasafe™ Pilot Protects Maize, Boosts Production

July 21, 2014
After a year of initial implementation, the AgResults team has had the opportunity to evaluate the preliminary results of the Nigeria Aflasafe™
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