AgResults AflasafeTM Lab to Create More Wealth for Nigerian Farmers

June 23, 2015
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Governments of the USA, UK, Canada and Australia have funded through the AgResults initiative, the bu

AgResults Launches Quarterly Newsletter

June 04, 2015
AgResults Quarterly Newsletter aims to provide you with updates, results and lessons learned regarding AgResults and its various pilots. Check out our

AgResults Nigeria Aflasafe™ Pilot Protects Maize, Boosts Production

July 21, 2014
After a year of initial implementation, the AgResults team has had the opportunity to evaluate the preliminary results of the Nigeria Aflasafe™

An Innovative Way to Encourage Agricultural Development

July 20, 2014
The Canadian Foodgrains Bank welcomes AgResults innovative approach to fighting hunger — it’s a good way to harness the innovation of

Innovative Technology Makes Food Safer for Families

July 17, 2014
CIGAR, Feed The Future, and AgResults work to control harmful Aflatoxins in maize with Aflasafe in Nigeria.

Agriculture Innovation in Action: What’s Next for the AgResults Initative?

March 25, 2013
The first three pilots under the AgResults initiative announced at the G20 meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico, last year are about to become

G20 AgResults Initiative and NGO Response

June 18, 2012
At a press conference on Monday, June 18, British Prime Minister David Cameron, along with the Australian and Canadian prime ministers, announced the

PM Announces Innovative Pay-on-Results Initiative to Support Global Food Security

June 18, 2012
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced Canadian support for AgResults – an innovative initiative which aims to improve food security in d
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