Learning is at the heart of AgResults

Learning from AgResults

AgResults learning takes two forms:

  1. Learning generated from the experience of AgResults in designing and implementing projects.
  2. Learning generated from the External Evaluator in its independent ongoing review of AgResults projects.

Since 2013, AgResults has developed a variety of knowledge products, which can be found in the Learning Library below.

Learning Library

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Evaluation Baseline Report: Senegal Crop Storage Finance Challenge Project

February 28, 2024

This evaluation baseline report for the AgResults Senegal Crop Storage Finance Challenge Project provides initial insights from IDinsight's Impact Evaluation baseline, which involved data collection from 2,248 smallholder farmer respondents in Central and Southern Senegal in October-November 2022. It examines smallholder farmer storage and sales practices, net income, access to finance, and awareness of the WRS and AgResults project. These insights are crucial for ongoing impact assessments, shedding light on the project's influence on net income and storage practices among smallholder farmers in Senegal.

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Evaluator’s Sustainability Assessment: Vietnam GHG Emissions Reduction Challenge Project

May 23, 2023

Two years’ after the project’s conclusion, Evaluators found that several companies and many farmers were continuing to use (with some adaptation) rice production systems that had been introduced by companies during the competition. Farmers were more likely to use those systems if they received continuing support from the company and if water management systems were reliable.

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Evaluator’s Gender Assessment: Tanzania Dairy Productivity Project

This assessment, conducted during project implementation, found significant diversity in the roles men and women play in households’ dairy activities, with female farmers often less well positioned than males to achieve and benefit from dairy intensification. While the project’s design offsets some risk of negative outcomes to women, payment-for-results projects have limited leeway to promote gender equity.

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Lessons Learned Article: Pay for Results’ Role in Transforming Tanzania’s Dairy Input Supplier Model

February 16, 2023

The AgResults Tanzania Dairy Challenge Project was established to incentivize private sector input suppliers to raise awareness and educate smallholder farmers on the value of adopting productivity-increasing input bundles to enhance production and strengthen dairy-based livelihoods. This Lessons Learned article explores how the project has already made an impactful shift in the dairy input supplier model and market, strengthening SHF’s demand for improved inputs.

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Presentation: Prize Competitions to Drive Livestock Productivity

September 15, 2019

This presentation from the 2019 Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (GASL) Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (MSP) meeting introduces AgResults' framework, which uses prize competitions to encourage the private sector to overcome market challenges. The World Bank and AgResults Secretariat share lessons from designing and implementing competitions to strengthen livestock health and productivity: a global Brucellosis vaccine competition, a vaccine competition to address Foot and Mouth Disease in Eastern Africa, and a Tanzania-based competition to boost dairy productivity.

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