AgResults Vietnam GHG Emissions Reduction Pilot Hosts First Interim Prize Award Ceremony

December 6, 2017

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AgResults is excited to announce the first prize winners in the Vietnam Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Pilot. The Pilot incentivizes private sector enterprises including rice producers, fertilizer producers, input suppliers, and others to test and scale improved rice growing technologies that increase yields and decrease GHG emissions versus the conventional rice production.

The pilot is being conducted in two phases. Phase I, which began in the Summer of 2017, will occur over two rice cropping seasons during which accepted organizations are testing their technologies. Phase II, which begins in Spring 2019, consists of four consecutive cropping seasons during which organizations who have proven their technology in Phase I will attempt to scale that technology to the greatest number of smallholder farmers. Both Phases include interim and grand prizes.

Over the past six months, eleven selected implementers have been testing their improved rice growing technologies in field conditions in the first cropping season. The AgResults Pilot Manager (SNV) and Verifier (Applied Geo-Solutions Company – AGS/Institute of Agricultural Environment – IAE) team in close collaboration with the Crop Production Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Extension Centre of Thai Binh have collected data on crop agronomic development and GHG emissions. All data have been analysed to calculate the total yields and GHG emissions against a baseline of traditional management practices with the corresponding Controls. Out of the 11 participating implementers, 9 were successful in increasing yields and reducing emissions, and will receive a proportional amount to their results out of a total prize purse of US $55,000. Overall, the nine technologies resulted in an average yield increase of 26% and an average GHG reduction of 12.5% against baseline practices. Implementers received their awards at a workshop and awards ceremony held on December 6, 2017 in Thai Binh City.

The Crop Production Department and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thai Binh represented by the Agricultural Extension Center are both active partners on the Pilot. Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, General Director of CPD said of the results,Results are promising despite a difficult growing season, and we expect even better results in Spring when implementers can better control conditions”. The second and final cropping season of Phase I begins in February 2018, and will culminate with grand prizes for cumulative results over both Phase I cropping seasons.

The AgResults Vietnam GHG Emissions Reduction Pilot is a four-year, US $8 million pay-for-results project that aims to test and scale up innovative technologies, tools, and approaches to reduce GHG emissions while increasing yields in rice cultivation. The Pilot is operating in Thai Binh province in the Red River Delta, and will prizes to those actors who are successful in testing and scaling technologies across two phases. The Pilot is managed by SNV Vietnam.

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