Notes from the Evaluator: Evaluation Update for AgResults Brucellosis Vaccine Pilot

March 8, 2018

a sheep

Phase 1 of the Brucellosis Vaccine Pilot (the Application Phase) recently ended and the Secretariat and Pilot Manager announced the initial Milestone 1 prize winners in January.

Now that Phase 1 has ended, Abt is beginning baseline data collection. Reflecting the unique nature of the Brucellosis Vaccine Pilot, the evaluation will focus on whether or not the prize mechanism elicits private sector investment in the development of an improved vaccine for B. melitensis, unlike the other AgResults evaluations which study the adoption of agricultural technologies. We are using three primary evaluation methods for this evaluation: (1) a qualitative assessment on private sector involvement, technology development, and the potential development impact of an improved vaccine, (2) a counterfactual disease study to help assess technology development, and (3) cost-effectiveness simulations.

Abt is interviewing external Brucellosis experts to inform the qualitative assessment. We are also working closely with the Secretariat and Pilot Manager to launch baseline data collection with solvers. This will involve interviewing representatives of the solver organizations to inform the qualitative assessment and administering a short online questionnaire to collect data for the counterfactual disease study. 

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