Tanzania Award Ceremony Recognizes Competitor Achievements in Sales Period 2

May 20, 2022

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On May 19, the AgResults Tanzania Dairy Productivity Challenge Project held an award ceremony to recognize the achievements of input suppliers over the competition’s second sales period to deliver productivity-increasing inputs, along with advisory services, to smallholder farmers. Since 2020, the project has tackled issues of low dairy productivity and limited access to inputs, providing monetary prizes for businesses that deliver a variety of input ‘bundles’ and advisory services to farmers.

Held in Dar es Salaam, the Sales Period 2 Award Ceremony brought together government representatives, development partners, and private sector stakeholders to recognize the project’s growing momentum in its second year and reflect on its potential to strengthen the dairy sector. The event featured a range of perspectives, from donors to Project Manager Land O’Lakes Venture37 to the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries – culminating in the announcement of prizes.

The event began with welcoming remarks from Land O’Lakes Venture37 Team Vice President John Ellenberger.

“The project is engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders, including the Government of Tanzania, to ensure the availability of inputs and enhanced service delivery,” he said. “This strong collaboration has led to the achievements we see today. Congratulations to the competitors for their innovation and resilience.”

Then Honorable Mashimba Mashauri Ndaki, Minister of Livestock and Fisheries of Tanzania, spoke as the Guest of Honor, recognizing the significance of the prize competition to shape Tanzania’s market growth and benefit its farmers.

“The government has recognized the AgResults Tanzania Dairy Productivity Challenge Project’s contributions to the implementation of the Tanzania Livestock Master Plan,” said the Minister. “This gives us confidence that through public-private partnerships, we can solve many challenges facing the livestock sector in Tanzania.”

Rodrigo Ortiz from the AgResults Secretariat then spoke about how the Tanzania project fits into the broader goals and approach of the initiative, namely using monetary incentives to drive private sector innovation that benefits the entire value chain.

“This second year built on the experimentation and innovation of Sales Period 1,” said Mr. Ortiz. “We are very pleased with the competitors’ achievements as they continued to invest time and resources to develop new methods of reaching farmers and packaging critical inputs with important accompanying technical assistance.”

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Following this, Project Manager Lead Neema Mrema provided an overview of the project and its results, remarking on the competitors’ efforts during the sales period.

“AgResults has organized this event to recognize each and every competitor’s efforts and to present them with their prizes, which required a great deal of innovation, learning, and adaptation along the way,” said Ms. Mrema. “You have set a very admirable benchmark for future competitors of this project.”

Christopher Duguid, First Secretary for Development – Economic Growth, from Global Affairs Canada spoke next, reflecting on the benefits of testing Pay-for-Results prize competitions as a development approach to drive market systems development and strengthen relationships among value chain actors.

“As we mark the halfway point of the competition, we can already see its potential to increase access among vulnerable populations and improve the lives of smallholder dairy farmers,” said Mr. Duguid, representing not only Global Affairs Canada but also the broader donor community. “The donor community is very excited to see what the competition achieves in the next two years.”

After these speeches, it was time to present the prizes, during which four competitors out of the six participants were recognized for their sales of input bundles to smallholder farmers from June 2021 – February 2022. The ten winners — Agricare Enterprises, ATOZ Universal Ltd, Damian Agrovet, IDD Agrovet, Kile Agrovet, Kilosa Veterinary Centre, MiL Animal Nutrition Innovation Centre Ltd, Oiso Agrovet, Twins Agrovet and General Supplies, and Vetfarm — engaged 8,041 smallholder farmers and delivered 37,391 input bundles, winning a total of $348,293.

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Ms. Mrema reflected on the significance of the award ceremony and efforts to date by participating businesses.

“It is important to showcase the commitment that these competitors have demonstrated over the last nine months in ensuring smallholder farmers are well-served with access to high quality dairy inputs and, just as importantly, advisory services,” she said.

The Tanzania Dairy Productivity Challenge Project is part of AgResults, a $152 million collaborative initiative between the governments of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank Group that uses prize competitions to incentivize the private sector to overcome market barriers and create lasting change. Under AgResults’ Pay-for-Results model, these competitions encourage actors to achieve predetermined results thresholds and quality for monetary prizes.

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