AgResults Tanzania Dairy Productivity Challenge Project Launches into Sales Period 4

January 30, 2023

photo of project team

On January 25, project leadership hosted an information session with a wide range of 40 stakeholders which included fodder producers, Tanzania Agriculture Development Bank, government livestock ministry, private seed companies, technical assistance organizations, and NGOs to share project successes and introduce the new Fodder Incentive.

The success of Sales Period 3 has set a high bar for this upcoming sales period. During this time, there were 16 competitors that provided services to nearly 22,000 smallholder farmers (SHF) and delivered bundles of high-quality inputs to increase animal productivity, boost SHF income, and strengthen value chain relationships between dairy producers and the formal dairy sector.

Several competitors are anticipated to receive significant prizes for their efforts based on their ability to embrace and implement input-bundles, increase capacity, and expand their geographic footprints.

Aside from its early success and the competitors’ ability to scale impact each cycle, Sales Period 3 highlighted a clear opportunity for Sales Period 4 – an increase in fodder production. Limited availability of fodder was felt throughout the competition’s target regions, sparking AgResults to develop a new prize incentive to increase the supply of fodder in the competition and enable competitors to meet the requirement of the nutrition bundle as it launches into Sales Period 4.

Tanzania Sales period 4 stakeholders
Tanzania Sales period 4 stakeholders
Tanzania Sales period 4 stakeholders
Tanzania Sales period 4 stakeholders

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