Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Challenge Project

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The AgResults Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Challenge Project is an eight-year, US$17.68 million prize competition that encourages the development and uptake of high-quality FMD vaccines tailored to meet the needs of Eastern Africa. The prize is structured as a cost-share that reduces the cost-per-dose for buyers, enabling public and private sector actors to better combat FMD through more consistent purchases of these vaccines. In this way, the project can create a market around an effective solution that will improve animal health and strengthen farmer livelihoods. GALVmed serves as the Project Manager.

For more detailed information about the FMD Vaccine Challenge Project and resources for competitors, visit the FMD Project page, managed by GALVmed.

The FMD Vaccine project encourages the development and uptake of high-quality FMD vaccines for Eastern Africa.

The learning journey

The problem

A Need for a High-Quality Solution and Strong Distribution Networks

FMD control in Eastern Africa is hindered by two interconnected challenges: a need for a high-quality solution and for stronger distribution networks. First, FMD strains vary significantly in the region, making it difficult to develop an appropriate vaccine. Vaccines currently in use do not contain representative strains from all four serotypes circulating in the region, limiting their ability to provide protection against FMD.

Second, the private sector has struggled to establish distribution networks. National governments currently control FMD vaccine purchases and are often reactive, creating unreliable market demand and hinging on political priorities. These factors combine to limit profitability and discourage investment among potential private sector players to manufacture and distribute vaccines.

Contest design

Theory of Change

The project’s Theory of Change hypothesizes that by creating an attractive market for FMD vaccines tailored to Eastern Africa, private sector manufacturers will be encouraged to develop a regionally relevant FMD vaccine. AgResults will work with private and public sector buyers to increase regional purchases and work towards a stable FMD vaccine market.

Once vaccines are developed and registered, the focus will shift to supporting the adoption of the approved vaccines in the region. AgResults has established a cost-share mechanism that will reduce the cost-per-dose for both public and private sector vaccine purchases. A subset of these vaccines will be earmarked for private sector purchase; at the same time, the project will work via donors to encourage government reform to liberalize the vaccine market. The combinations of these actions will further enable private sector distribution, driving the sales and reach of effective FMD vaccines, particularly among smallholder farmers. As sales volumes rise and prices fall, access will continue to climb, improving animal health and strengthening farmer livelihoods.

Expected impact

The project is expected to incentivize manufacturers to support long-term efforts to control FMD by showing them the economic benefits of investing in the development and distribution of a vaccine that is regionally relevant and high-quality. By developing a stable market around FMD control, smallholder farmers should more easily access the vaccine, in turn reducing losses in productivity and livestock among smallholder farmers.

The project should impact vaccine users as well as public and private sector buyers: Demand for the vaccine among smallholder and commercial farmers is expected to rise as they see the merits of an effective solution. Similarly, both public and private sector buyers are expected to invest in developing distribution networks to reach the growing market.

Actual results

Learning & Evaluation

What We’ve Learned through Implementation

This section shares our learning from FMD project design and implementation. Further details can be found in the Learning Library.

Recent News and Learning

Below are recent learning products related to the FMD Vaccine project.
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Evaluation Design

The evaluation for the FMD vaccine prize competition, led by IDinsight, uses a mixed-methods approach. This mixed-methods evaluation will assess the degree to which the cost-share incentive stimulates the introduction of high-quality FMD vaccines to Eastern Africa, increases vaccine uptake by public and private sector entities, and influences government policy. This analysis will draw on interview and survey data collected every six months from vaccine manufacturers; vaccine purchasers and distributors; government policymakers; multilateral and non-governmental organizations; the AgResults implementers; and other expert sources.

Evaluation Stage

The Evaluator is conducting the first round of data collection and plans to share a preliminary report in early 2021.

Project team